Adam Lambert Daughter: The Truth Behind The Rumors

Adam Lambert is one of the most successful and versatile singers in the music industry. He rose to fame as the runner-up of American Idol season 8 and has since released three solo albums, collaborated with legendary rock band Queen, and appeared in various TV shows and movies. He is also an outspoken advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and human rights.

But despite his fame and achievements, there is one question that many people are curious about: does Adam Lambert have a daughter?

The answer is no. Adam Lambert does not have a daughter, nor does he have any children of his own. He is openly gay and has been in a relationship with model Javi Costa Polo since 2018.

So where did the rumors about Adam Lambert’s daughter come from? And why are people so interested in his personal life? Let’s take a look at some of the possible reasons behind this fascination.

The Adoption Hoax

One of the sources of the rumors about Adam Lambert’s daughter was a hoax article that claimed he had adopted a baby girl named Leila. The article was published by a website called Celebtricity, which is known for creating fake news and satire stories.

The article claimed that Adam Lambert had adopted Leila from an orphanage in Morocco and that he was planning to raise her with his then-boyfriend Sauli Koskinen, a Finnish TV host. The article also included a photo of Adam Lambert holding a baby girl, which was actually a photoshopped image of him holding his niece.

The article was obviously meant to be a joke, but some people took it seriously and believed that Adam Lambert had indeed become a father. The article was widely shared on social media and even caught the attention of some media outlets, who reported it as true.

However, Adam Lambert himself debunked the hoax on Twitter, writing: “Apparently I’ve adopted a Moroccan child…? HUH??” He also clarified that the baby in the photo was his niece and that he loved her very much.

The Curiosity Factor

Another reason why people are curious about Adam Lambert’s daughter is simply because they are interested in his personal life. As a famous and talented singer, Adam Lambert has many fans who admire him and want to know more about him.

Some fans may also have fantasies or hopes that Adam Lambert would someday have a child of his own, either through adoption or surrogacy. They may think that he would make a great father and that his child would inherit his musical genes.

However, Adam Lambert has never expressed any desire to have children in his interviews or social media posts. He seems to be very happy and fulfilled with his career and his relationship. He also has a close bond with his family, especially his younger brother Neil, who has a son named Remy.

Adam Lambert often shares photos and videos of himself spending time with his nephew on Instagram, showing how much he loves him and enjoys being an uncle. He also supports various causes that help children in need, such as UNICEF and Project Angel Food.

The Misunderstanding Factor

A third reason why people may think that Adam Lambert has a daughter is because they may have misunderstood some of his songs or lyrics. For example, in his song “Underground”, he sings: “I got a daughter I barely know / I hope she don’t make the same mistakes I know I’ve made before.”

Some people may have assumed that he was singing about his own daughter, when in fact he was singing from the perspective of another character. The song is part of his album The Original High, which is a concept album that tells the story of different characters who are searching for happiness and meaning in life.

Another example is his song “Aftermath”, which he wrote for his album For Your Entertainment. The song is about overcoming fear and self-doubt and embracing one’s true self. In the chorus, he sings: “No matter what you say / No matter what you do / I’m still gonna love you / No matter what.”

Some people may have interpreted this as him singing to his daughter, when in fact he was singing to himself or to anyone who feels alone or misunderstood. The song is also inspired by his own experience of coming out as gay and facing backlash from some fans and critics.


Adam Lambert is an amazing singer who has achieved many things in his career and has inspired many people with his music and activism. He does not have a daughter, nor does he have any plans to have children in the future. He is happy with his partner Javi Costa Polo and loves being an uncle to his nephew Remy.

The rumors about Adam Lambert’s daughter are either based on hoaxes, curiosity, or misunderstanding. They are not true and should not be taken seriously. Adam Lambert deserves respect and privacy for his personal life, just like anyone else.

If you are a fan of Adam Lambert, you can show your support by listening to his music, following him on social media, and donating to his charity Feel Something Foundation, which supports LGBTQ+ and human rights causes.

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