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Caleb Willingham: The Tragic Story of Tammy Slaton’s Husband

Caleb Willingham was a reality TV star who rose to fame after marrying Tammy Slaton, one of the stars of the TLC show 1000-lb Sisters. The show follows the lives of Tammy and her sister Amy Slaton, who weigh over 1000 pounds combined and struggle with obesity-related health issues. Caleb and Tammy met at a rehabilitation center in Ohio, where they both sought treatment for their weight problems. They fell in love and tied the knot in November 2022, in a small ceremony at the center. Their wedding was aired on the season 4 finale of the show in March 2023.

However, their marriage was short-lived, as Caleb passed away at the age of 40 in July 2023. His death was confirmed by his family and Tammy, who expressed their grief and shock on social media. The cause of his death has not been revealed, but some fans speculate that it may have been related to his obesity or other health complications. Caleb’s death has left Tammy heartbroken and devastated, as she called him her “best friend” and “guardian angel”. Here is everything we know about Caleb Willingham’s life, death, and relationship with Tammy Slaton.

Who was Caleb Willingham?

Caleb Willingham was born on June 15, 1983, in Kentucky. He had a brother named Cory Willingham, who was also his close friend and musical partner. Caleb and Cory formed a rap duo called The W Boys, and went by the nicknames Killa K and Double K. They performed at local venues and uploaded their songs on YouTube and SoundCloud. Some of their tracks include “Kentucky Boys”, “Backwoods”, and “Country Boy”. Caleb was also a fan of wrestling, fishing, hunting, and video games.

Caleb struggled with obesity for most of his life, and weighed over 400 pounds at one point. He decided to seek professional help at the Windsor Lane Rehabilitation Center in Ohio, where he met Tammy Slaton in 2022. Tammy was also admitted to the center to lose weight for bariatric surgery, as she weighed over 600 pounds at the time. The two bonded over their shared experiences and goals, and soon developed romantic feelings for each other.

How did Caleb Willingham and Tammy Slaton get married?

Caleb Willingham proposed to Tammy Slaton in October 2022, after dating for a few months. He surprised her with a ring during a visit to her room at the rehabilitation center. Tammy accepted his proposal and said yes. She later shared the news with her sister Amy and her fans on social media. She posted a picture of her engagement ring on Instagram and wrote: “I said yes y’all! I’m so happy to announce that I’m engaged to the love of my life Caleb Willingham! He makes me feel so special and loved. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him.”

The couple got married in November 2022, in a small ceremony at the rehabilitation center. They were surrounded by their family members, friends, and staff from the center. They exchanged vows and rings, and kissed each other as husband and wife. Their wedding was filmed by TLC and aired on the season 4 finale of 1000-lb Sisters in March 2023. In a confessional, Tammy said: “A year ago, I didn’t even think I was going to be alive. And now I’m getting married.”

What happened to Caleb Willingham and Tammy Slaton’s marriage?

Caleb Willingham and Tammy Slaton’s marriage was not without its challenges and controversies. Some fans accused Caleb of using Tammy for fame and money, as he appeared on her YouTube channel and social media accounts frequently. Some also questioned his sexuality, as he had previously identified as bisexual on Facebook. Tammy defended her husband from the haters and said that he loved her for who she was.

However, there were also rumors that the couple was having marital problems and planning to get divorced. In June 2023, Tammy posted a video on TikTok where she said that she was single and ready to mingle. She also hinted that she had a new crush on someone else. She later deleted the video, but not before it sparked speculation among her fans. Some sources claimed that Tammy and Caleb had separated and were in the process of filing for divorce.

How did Caleb Willingham die?

Caleb Willingham died on July 1, 2023, at the age of 40. His death was confirmed by his family and Tammy on social media and to the media. His stepmother, Shirley Willingham, posted a tribute to him on Facebook and wrote: “Rest in peace Caleb. You will be missed by many. Fly high with the angels.” His brother, Cory Willingham, also shared a heartfelt message on Facebook and wrote: “I can’t believe I’m even making this post, but today God called my big brother home. He was my biggest supporter and always had my back. You will be forever loved and missed. Until we meet again.”

Tammy Slaton issued a statement to People magazine and said: “I am devastated to share the news of my husband’s passing. He was my best friend and I loved him dearly. When I met Caleb he became my guardian angel and now he really is watching over me. Our families appreciate everyone’s sympathy and ask that you respect our privacy at this time.” She also posted a reel of photos of her and Caleb on Instagram and wrote: “RIP sweet angel. You will forever be missed and loved so much. Thank you Caleb for showing me real love and happiness.”

The cause of Caleb’s death has not been disclosed by his family or Tammy. However, some fans suspect that it may have been related to his obesity or other health issues. Caleb had been seeking treatment for his weight at the rehabilitation center, where he met Tammy. He also had a history of high blood pressure, diabetes, and sleep apnea. Some sources claimed that he had suffered a heart attack or a stroke before his death.

What is the legacy of Caleb Willingham?

Caleb Willingham was a reality TV star who became famous for his marriage to Tammy Slaton from 1000-lb Sisters. He was also a rapper who performed with his brother as The W Boys. He was a loving husband, brother, son, and friend who touched many lives with his kindness and humor. He was an inspiration to many people who struggled with obesity and wanted to change their lives for the better.

Caleb’s death has left a huge void in the hearts of his family, friends, and fans. He will be remembered as a sweet angel who showed Tammy real love and happiness. He will also be remembered as a brave man who fought hard against his weight problems and never gave up on his dreams.

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