Egramswaraj-3: Empowering the Rural Population of Bangladesh

In a rapidly evolving world, access to information and technology has become crucial for individual and community development. Bangladesh, with its large rural population, faces unique challenges in bridging the digital divide and ensuring inclusive access to the benefits of e-governance and digital services. In this context, the egramswaraj-3 project emerges as a beacon of hope, aiming to empower rural communities through technology and digital literacy.

Understanding the Need:

Bangladesh boasts remarkable economic growth in recent years, but the rural sector remains relatively less developed. Limited access to information and digital tools hinders rural communities’ ability to participate fully in the national development process. Lack of awareness about e-governance services and digital literacy further exacerbates the problem. The egramswaraj-3 project addresses these challenges head-on by providing rural citizens with affordable access to technology, training them in digital skills, and facilitating their access to essential e-governance services.

The Pillars of egramswaraj-3:

The project rests on three core pillars:

Digital Infrastructure:

The project focuses on expanding digital infrastructure in rural areas. This includes establishing Union Digital Centers (UDCs) equipped with computers, internet connectivity, and other necessary hardware. These UDCs serve as one-stop centers for rural citizens to access various services and information online.

Digital Literacy:

egramswaraj-3 emphasizes digital literacy through extensive training programs for rural communities. The project offers training courses on basic computer skills, internet usage, e-governance services, and digital entrepreneurship. This empowers rural citizens to utilize technology effectively and unlock its potential for their personal and professional development.

E-governance Services:

The project facilitates access to essential e-governance services through the UDCs. These services include land registration, birth and death certificates, tax payments, agricultural information, and social welfare schemes. By bringing these services closer to the rural population, egramswaraj-3 reduces administrative burdens and simplifies access to essential services.

Impact and Achievements:

Since its inception, egramswaraj-3 has made significant strides in empowering rural communities in Bangladesh. The project has successfully established thousands of UDCs, trained millions of individuals in digital skills, and facilitated access to numerous e-governance services. This has resulted in:

  • Increased awareness about e-governance services and digital resources
  • Enhanced access to information and online platforms
  • Improved efficiency and transparency in government services
  • Reduced costs and time spent on administrative procedures
  • Increased opportunities for income generation and entrepreneurship
  • Bridging the digital divide and promoting inclusive development

Challenges and the way forward:

Despite its success, the project faces some challenges, such as:

  • Ensuring equitable access to technology and digital skills across all rural areas
  • Maintaining and upgrading UDC infrastructure to keep pace with technological advancements
  • Addressing sustainability concerns and ensuring long-term financial viability
  • Overcoming digital literacy gaps and promoting continuous learning among rural communities

The future of egramswaraj-3 hinges on addressing these challenges and continually evolving to meet the changing needs of rural communities. This includes:

  • Expanding partnerships with public and private sector stakeholders to broaden reach and resources
  • Developing innovative content and training programs tailored to specific needs and demographics
  • Promoting sustainable revenue models to ensure long-term financial support
  • Leveraging emerging technologies like AI and mobile applications to further enhance service delivery
  • Foster collaboration and knowledge sharing between rural communities and urban centers


egramswaraj-3 stands as a testament to the transformative power of technology and digital literacy in empowering rural communities. By providing access to information, services, and skills, the project paves the way for inclusive development and improved living standards in rural Bangladesh. As the project continues to evolve and overcome challenges, it holds immense potential for further empowering rural communities and transforming Bangladesh into a truly digital society.

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