Hailey Bieber Putin: Why the Internet Thinks the Model Looks Like the Russian President

Hailey Bieber is no stranger to being in the spotlight, especially as the wife of pop star Justin Bieber. However, the model recently became the subject of a bizarre meme that compared her to none other than Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia.

The comparison started when a Twitter account called Pop Base posted two side-by-side photos of a young Hailey and a young Putin, asking why they looked alike. The tweet quickly gained traction, with many people agreeing that the two had some similar features, such as their eyes, nose and mouth.

How the meme spread

The tweet by Pop Base was not the first time that someone noticed the resemblance between Hailey and Putin. In fact, some TikTok users had already made videos comparing their faces, using filters and editing tools to highlight their similarities.

The meme soon caught the attention of other social media platforms, such as Instagram and Reddit, where users shared their reactions and jokes. Some found the comparison hilarious, while others were shocked or offended by it.

Why Hailey Bieber was already in the news

The Hailey Bieber Putin meme came at a time when the model was already facing some backlash from fans of Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend. The drama started when Hailey posted a video of herself singing along to a song by The Weeknd, who is Selena’s ex-boyfriend.

Some Selena fans accused Hailey of throwing shade at Selena, who had recently released a Spanish-language EP called Revelación. They also brought up the old feud between the two singers, who had dated Justin at different times.

Hailey denied that she had any ill intentions towards Selena, and said that she was just enjoying music. She also asked people to stop spreading hate and negativity online.


Hailey Bieber Putin is one of the latest examples of how the internet can create unexpected and viral memes out of celebrities. While some may find it amusing or harmless, others may see it as disrespectful or hurtful.

Hailey Bieber has not publicly commented on the meme, but she may be used to dealing with online criticism by now. She has previously spoken about how she deals with trolls and haters, saying that she tries to focus on the positive aspects of her life and career.

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