NASCAR Wall Ride: A Daring Maneuver From the Edge of Control to the Heart of Victory

NASCAR is one of the most popular sports in the United States, and for good reason. The races are exciting, the drivers are skilled, and the cars are incredibly fast. One of the most thrilling aspects of NASCAR is the wall ride, a daring maneuver that can make or break a race.

What is a NASCAR Wall Ride?

A wall ride is a move in which a driver intentionally slides their car along the outside wall of a turn. This can be a very dangerous maneuver, as it can easily lead to a crash. However, if done correctly, a wall ride can give a driver a significant advantage.

How do NASCAR drivers perform wall rides?

NASCAR drivers perform wall rides by carefully controlling the speed and angle of their cars. They use a technique called “three-wheel steering,” which involves lifting the inside rear wheel off the ground. This allows the driver to slide the car along the wall without losing control.

What are the risks of a NASCAR wall ride?

One of the biggest risks of a NASCAR wall ride is that the car can spin out and crash. This is especially dangerous if the car hits the wall head-on. Additionally, if the car gets too close to the wall, it can be damaged.

What are the benefits of a NASCAR wall ride?

Despite the risks, there are also several benefits to performing a wall ride. First, it can allow a driver to take a turn faster than they could by braking. This can give the driver a significant advantage, especially on short tracks. Second, a wall ride can help a driver to pass other cars. This is because the car can take a wider line around the turn, which can allow the driver to get ahead of the other cars.

Some of the most famous NASCAR wall rides

There have been many famous wall rides in NASCAR history. One of the most famous is the one that Dale Earnhardt Jr. performed at the 2003 Daytona 500. Earnhardt Jr. was running in the top ten when he came up on a group of cars that were slowing down for a caution. Earnhardt Jr. used a wall ride to pass the cars and take the lead. He went on to win the race.

Another famous wall ride was the one that Jimmie Johnson performed at the 2010 Coca-Cola 600. Johnson was running in second place when he came to the final turn. He used a wall ride to pass the leader and win the race.


The NASCAR wall ride is a daring maneuver that can make or break a race. It is a dangerous move, but it can also be very rewarding. Some of the most famous NASCAR drivers have used wall rides to win races. If you are ever lucky enough to see a NASCAR race in person, be sure to watch for the wall rides. They are one of the most exciting parts of the race.

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