Patna Railway Station Video: A Shocking Incident That Went Viral

Patna railway station is one of the busiest and most important railway junctions in Bihar, India. It serves as a gateway to the state capital and connects it with other major cities across the country. However, on March 20, 2023, the station became the center of a scandalous controversy when a pornographic video was played on the LED screens installed at the platforms for displaying advertisements and information.

What Happened at Patna Railway Station?

According to reports, the incident happened around 10 am on Sunday, when many passengers were waiting for their trains or arriving at the station. Suddenly, instead of the usual ads or announcements, a porn clip started playing on the screens, shocking and embarrassing everyone present. The clip lasted for about three minutes, during which some passengers protested and complained to the officials, while others recorded it on their phones and shared it on social media.

The Railway Protection Force (RPF) intervened and stopped the footage. An FIR was filed against Dutta Communication, a private agency that was in charge of running the screens. The agency was also blacklisted by the Railways. The railway police launched an investigation to find out how the clip was played and who was responsible for it.

How Did the Patna Railway Station Video Go Viral?

The Patna railway station video soon went viral on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and WhatsApp. Many users tagged Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and the Railways Ministry, demanding action against the culprits and expressing their outrage and disgust over the incident. Some also made jokes and memes about it, while others questioned the security and morality of the public spaces.

The video also caught the attention of several media outlets, both national and international, that reported on the incident and its aftermath. Some of them also interviewed passengers, officials and experts to get their views and opinions on what happened and why.

What Are the Implications of the Patna Railway Station Video?

The Patna railway station video has raised several issues and concerns regarding the safety, privacy and ethics of using digital screens in public places. It has also exposed the loopholes and lapses in the management and monitoring of such screens by the authorities and agencies involved. Moreover, it has highlighted the risks and challenges of controlling and preventing the spread of obscene and illegal content on the internet and social media.

The incident has also sparked a debate on the impact of pornography on society and culture, especially among children and young people who may be exposed to such content inadvertently or intentionally. Some argue that pornography is a form of expression and entertainment that should not be censored or criminalized, while others contend that pornography is harmful and degrading to women and men alike, and that it promotes violence, exploitation and addiction.

The Patna railway station video has also raised questions about the role and responsibility of the public in such situations. Should they report or ignore such incidents? Should they record or delete such videos? Should they share or refrain from sharing such videos? These are some of the dilemmas that many people face when they encounter such content in public places.


The Patna railway station video is a shocking incident that went viral on social media and created a lot of controversy and discussion. It has revealed the flaws and failures in the system that allowed such a video to be played on public screens. It has also provoked a lot of reactions and opinions from different sections of society on various aspects of pornography, digital media and public morality. It is a case study that shows how technology can be misused and abused for malicious purposes, and how it can affect people’s lives in unexpected ways.

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