Virat Kohli: Ascending to ODI Greatness


The world of cricket has witnessed another monumental achievement as Virat Kohli surpasses Mahela Jayawardene to become the 5th highest run scorer in ODI cricket history.

The Journey Begins

We trace back to Kohli’s early days in international cricket, where his talent and determination hinted at the records he was destined to break.

The Rise of a Run Machine

Kohli’s ascent in ODI cricket has been nothing short of spectacular. This section delves into his consistent performances that have earned him the title of a ‘run machine’.

The Milestone Match

Detailing the match that saw Kohli overtake Jayawardene, we explore the significance of this achievement and the match’s impact on Kohli’s legacy.

Comparing Legends

Here, we compare Kohli’s career statistics with those of Mahela Jayawardene, providing a perspective on their contributions to the sport.

The Art of Consistency

Kohli’s ability to consistently score runs is unrivaled. We analyze the techniques and mindset that make him one of the best players in the game.

Beyond the Numbers

Kohli’s influence extends beyond the cricket field. This section discusses his impact on fans, teammates, and the next generation of cricketers.

The Road Ahead

With this milestone reached, what’s next for Virat Kohli? We speculate on future records and milestones within his reach.


rajkotupdates Virat Kohli’s journey is a testament to his hard work and passion for cricket. His name is etched in history, and the tale of his achievements will inspire many.


  1. What does this milestone mean for Virat Kohli’s career?
  2. How does Kohli’s batting average compare to other top-run scorers?
  3. What challenges did Kohli face on his way to this record?
  4. How has Kohli’s game evolved over the years?

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